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Dr Nimit Jain says: “You need to go and see your dentist regularly. Classically people would go for a routine check for gum disease and tooth decay and you may think you don’t need to bother, but these days we are looking for many more problems, such as erosion, and we can even spot signs of serious health problems such as oral cancer.”


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Many people think they are taking the healthy option when they drink a smoothie or fruit juice, but this isn’t the best choice for your teeth. Smoothies, natural juices, cordial, concentrates and diet drinks are very acidic and can erode the enamel on your teeth, which is why your teeth feel sticky after you drink them. The answer? Drink them in moderation, use a straw and sometimes drink water instead!


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Being happy with your smile can improve your social life, job prospects and boost your self-esteem. You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their smile and on all these makeover programmes on television the smile is the icing on the cake. So many people are asking to change the way their smile looks nowadays (smile design). There are many options available and it’s not necessarily as expensive as you might think.’


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Brushing and flossing is essential, but so is knowing how to do it correctly. We will show you how to take proper care of your teeth. Flossing in particular takes practice but once you get the hang of it, it won’t take you any time at all. You can also use small bendable interdental brushes to get into the spaces between your teeth if flossing is difficult, and they come in many sizes. You should also find a mouthwash with an active ingredient that will kill bacteria. We can provide what you need.


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Once again, these are great as long as you know how to use them. We can show you the right technique. When you get it right then electric toothbrushes are much easier than regular brushes to keep your teeth squeaky clean, a fact that is consistently supported by ongoing clinical research. Make sure it’s one where you have to place it on a stand to recharge it, rather than one which requires household batteries. The investment will be worth it in the end.



There are few worse things for your teeth than smoking. There are many reasons to stop smoking, such as increased risk of oral cancer but did you know that you are also at higher risk to periodontal or gum disease. I’ve seen it so many times myself. Smoking really makes it more difficult to look after your teeth, not to mention the social disadvantages such as bad breath and yellowing teeth. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to stop smoking.



top tips 7Cut down on your tea’s and coffees

Once again the healthy option isn’t always the best for your teethI see a lot of people who lead a healthy lifestyle but have stained teeth. That’s because most herbal teas, though they won’t damage your teeth, are black and will stain them. Just look in your cup after a drink. Red wine and coffee can have a similar effect. And don’t forget if you take sugar in your tea or coffee you are increasing your risk of dental caries (decay).


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Some people attend the surgery with worn down teeth, this is most often from grinding in their sleep or bad habits like biting nails. Come talk to us if you think this is a problem for you. We can give you various types of mouthgaurds that can solve the problem.



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Dr Jain acknowledges the fact that not everyone can afford to have an expensive tooth whitening treatment, but stresses that kits sold in pharmacists and shops don’t always work. “if you want your teeth whitened you need to do it properly. We can make you custom made whitening trays for your individual mouth and give whitening gels that can not be sold in shops. Start by talking to us to find out what the options are.”


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