Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic denistry

Q What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is a practice of dentistry that focuses on improving dental and facial aesthetic form and function for people either needing or desiring oral and facial restoration that enhances their looks and smile.

Q – What different types of Cosmetic Dentistry treatments are there?

A – There are a number of different types of cosmetic dental treatments depending on individual diagnosis or what is desired by patients. These include gum contouring or reshaping to give people with excess gum tissue or a “gummy smile” a natural smile appearance that reveals their white sparkling teeth.

People with stained teeth or inherited discoloured teeth may opt for laser teeth whitening to whiten their teeth. When teeth are chipped or need reshaping, porcelain veneers are an option, including crowns that reinforce the natural teeth. Lumineers are a new type of veneer that also give patients brightly formed natural-looking teeth that are durable.

When teeth overcrowd the mouth or are skew with gaps, Invisalign or Lingual braces can correct the teeth structure and bite for better facial appearance. Some athletes or people in general incur facial injuries that result in lost teeth or damage to their jaws. Cosmetic surgeons can replace lost or extracted teeth with dental implants or work with other trained medical professionals on facial reconstruction.

Q – Who needs Cosmetic Dentistry?

Anyone who needs oral health treatment, has dental phobia, or wishes to improve the state of their teeth and smile can contact our cosmetic dentist for advice and a consultation. Our dentist provides both general dentistry treatments and can discuss options for cosmetic treatment with you.

Q – How do I know which Cosmetic Dentistry treatment is right for me?

On examination of your oral health and with discussion of what facial improvements you desire, our resident dentist can advise you of what dental treatment, such as for tooth cleaning or for gum disease, that you may need initially, and also of what cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening, that may be of benefit to you.

Q – What are the benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry treatment?

Cosmetic dentistry treatment allows for both examination and treatment of your dental and oral health, and helps you to make an informed choice about what aesthetic treatment will best improve your overall look. These treatments and knowledge helps to improve your general physical and mental health because you learn to look after yourself better and can face the world with a confident smile knowing that you look good.

Q – How safe is Cosmetic Dentistry?

As mentioned previously, cosmetic dentists are qualified and experienced general dentists who have often completed additional training in cosmetic surgery, or work alongside medical professionals for facial reconstructions. The materials and procedures are tried and tested, and have been approved for use. Our resident dentist can answer any questions you have about materials and treatments.

Each person’s medical and oral health differs, so it is important to fully inform our resident dentist of your dental and medical history, including medications, so that we can provide you with treatments appropriate for you. At examination and diagnosis, our resident dentist will inform you of any possible risks and solutions for any side-effects. All treatments are provided pain-free with sensitivity to your needs, local anaesthetic where needed, and various sedative treatments to help you relax.

Q – Is Cosmetic Dentistry treatment permanent?

Cosmetic dentistry is aimed at improving your oral health and facial appearance. The treatments are intended to build the overall physical and mental well-being of the patient. Each treatment uses materials that have different rates of durability depending on the type of treatment and the patient’s overall wellbeing. Visiting a dentist regularly, such as every six months, is recommended for all to meet oral health standards.

Q – How much does Cosmetic Dentistry treatment cost?

The cost of cosmetic dental treatment really depends on the individual’s diagnosis, the dental practice, the type of treatments needed, and the materials used. Our resident dentist can discuss this with you at examination and also provide you with payment plan options that can make cosmetic dental improvements affordable for you.


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